Wednesday, June 6, 2012

One Direction...

If you have a 12 year old like K...then you have probably heard this song enough to want to clean a room in your house (wherever it's not playing) because the "teen" will play this over & over.

K adores One Direction x 1,000.

My first concert was Sir Mix A Lot (I know what you are thinking...I'm thinking the same thing). I was so desperate to see him that I stuffed my bed to look like I was a sleep, climbed out of my bedroom widow (fell out), 2 hr drive, got lost in another city & ended up only hearing one song because my friend & I got lost. After the concert, he sat behind these hideous velvet ropes and people just watched him. It was the most exhilarating night...I cannot lie...until we had to drive 2 hrs back, try to climb back in my window without getting caught. The teen brain in all it's glory.

SO I understand...however, they are not stopping in Salt Lake & therefore, she will keep playing this album over & over. How lucky am I?


rosann said...

trying really hard not to snicker about this... ah the glories of being single and living alone!! btw, my 2 1/2 month old nephew "dances" (meaning bounces in rhythm) to this song!!

JoLynn said...

I agree...your nephew would be totally cute dancing to this song :)